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Hood's Attack - 2 July 1863

Rose of Alabamy!

Satruday, Chris Hughes put on an outstanding American Civil War game at his house, with his superb collection of Sash and Saber 40mm castings.  The scenario was Hood’s Attack at Gettysburg on July 2nd 1863. This game was made all the better by the fine company of Raleigh gamers from the Triangle Simulations Society, vittles provided by the Host and Hostess and of course good beer!    As you may know, Chris is the sculptor/owner of Sash and Saber and Saber - and an opportunity to participate in one of his games is always a privilege.  If anyone has an interest in fine 40mm castings, I urge you to strongly consider Sash and Saber:

I may add few after-action comments in the coming days but for now please enjoy some pictures of the  game -

Chris answers in-game questions while pointing to Devil's Den on the beautiful 6' x 12' layout

Part of Strong Vincent's Brigade crests Little Round Top

Confederate attack develops in front of the Slaughter Pen and Hauck's Ridge

Union Battery and Infantry on Hauck's Ridge attempt to stem the tide

The iconic 20th Maine comes into line just in time on Little Round Top

Union crisis point on Hauck's Ridge and near the Slaughter Pen

Envelopment on Hauck's Ridge

Hood's Rebs boiling into valley between the Round Tops and Hauck's Ridge

44th NY about to stand and deliver

Maine and Alabama boys face-off

The extreme Left of the union line: In the saddle of the Round Tops, the 83rd PA deploys from column to the left of the 20th ME in an attempt to flank  the Rebel line

Late in the Day, foreground: Vincent's Brigade deployed on the forward slope of Little Round Top and flanking in the saddle meets Oats and Law. Background: Confederates storm over Hauck's Ridge and through Devil's Den to meet fresh Union reinforcements entering from the Wheat Field.  Will the Federals hold?


Ed Mohrmann's After Action Report-

The rules were Butternut and Bucktail, the venerable
home-grown ACW tactical rules which Chris has used
for years and the terrain was of course his usual
museum-diorama quality. Coupled with the 40mm
Sash and Saber figures painted to a high standard, it
made for a superb display.

This game is headed for Historicon and if you couldn't
make it to his house this past w/e, DON'T miss it at
the convention.

As to the game: basically, Ward's brigade of Birney's
Division of Sickles' Corps is defending the far left
of Sickles' position, posted along Houck's Ridge, with
sections of Smith's battery deployed right near Devil's
Den and a section down to the right rear along the
branch of Plum Run which runs to the rear of the ridge.

Vincent's brigade (part) was deployed way to the rear of
Houck's Ridge, about the crest of Little Round Top.

Reinforcements would be arriving (Weed's Brigade, Hazlett's
Battery, others) throughout the game, but of course no one
could say when.

Hood's Division was deployed in kind of an L shape, with
Robertson's brigade (mostly Texans) deployed along the
branch of Plum Run which ran at the foot of Houck's Ridge
on the N side. The other two brigades were deployed
along the table-side mostly parallel to Robertson,
preparing to attack through the woods towards Little Round

Your correspondent had command of a portion of Ward's
brigade deployed in or near the aptly name 'Slaughter

And so it proved. Robertson's Texans stormed across Plum
Run, charged through the woods along the Ridge and destroyed
one Union regiment (well, it self-immolated, being trapped
and launching a desperate charge which did cause A
Confederate casualty) and cause the rest of the defenders
to either withdraw in haste or rout, the two sections
of Smith's battery being abandoned and over-run.

Vincent, solicitous as always of comrades-in-arms' well-
being, ordered his band(s) to play 'martial airs and
rousing patriotic music' to support Ward's beleaguered

Of course, Vincent had his own problems, as the doughty
Alabama regiments of Law's brigade could be heard
advancing through the thick woods towards Vincent's
position, the Georgia troops of Anderson to the left
of Law, ready to reinforce Law or to complete the
destruction of Ward et al in the Plum Run valley.

At this point, with Ward shattered, Vincent pinned and
Weed (and others) just entering, the game was called,
a clear Confederate win given the large number of
Union troops off the table (KIA/WIA/POW) and the
critical fight (LRT) to come with Anderson totally
free to join Law in tne attack.

Confederates were ably lead by Greg (Robertson's
Brigade), Lyle (Hood hisself and the Reb artillery),
Ron O. (a portion of Anderson), Steve (a portion
of Anderson and Law) and Bob E. (Law).

Union forces were under the command of Joe B. and
Dave B. (Vincent, et al) and Ron S. and your
faithful correspondent (Ward's brigade, other
Sickles' elements and Smith's battery).

Dave P. stopped by to visit and socialize.

Thanks to all who came for a good afternoon's
game and great company ! And ALWAYS thanks to
Chris for a wonderful table and a great game !


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