Saturday, May 4, 2013

August 1757 Maneuver

Sauve qui peut!  Marauding Teutonic cavalry overrun a French supply train


We recall that in July, the French advanced on a broad front with numerous columns. The Main French“Column Principale” under d’Estrees drove like a juggernaut for Hanover's captiol city. The Army of Observation Quietly remained in its positions, observing and evaluating the French advance. Only near Wunsdorf was there potential action. Alas, the Allied Light Brigade was far too swift and escaped the clutches (a good Allied D6 roll) of Chevert’s strong column, withdrawing to join the 1stBrigade in Hanover.

With August came three thousand French reinforcements (300 Army Points with a good French D3 roll) and a renewed French advance, but this time the, the Duke of Cumberland (with the military guidance of his little known deputy – Hasso Von Sabo - pictured below) had maneuver plans of his own. In the far north (see map below) the Allied 4thBrigade debouched from Bremerhaven to attack the Flank of the French Army recently arrived in Bremen. Fortunately, the French commander sent some additional reinforcements to these weak screening forces under Marshal Baudoin, and ordered him to defend in place. Though they have a slight numerical advantage, attacking Allied Grenadiers should have no easy day in the fields north of Bremen.

Meanwhile in the center, Chevert’s Column also received some additional Infantry and Artillery supports, allowing him to leave general Maupeon with a small brigade to secure Wunsdorf, then take his main column to the northeast, threatening Hamburg. This move just missed a strong Allied cavalry brigade under Von Dachenhausen, whose orders were to drive hard to the West for the French rear to capture and cut the supply of the main French Army. In the South, the Allied 2nd Brigade moved towards a relief in place with the other independent Allied cavalry brigade, enabling Von Urff to slip northward past Berecheny and execute a southern pincer mirroring Von Dachenhausen’s in the North. This als resulted in 2nd Brigade moving to relieve Von Urff in running into elements of Bercheny’s Column moving to the East. These forces have a pending meeting engagement in the hills north of Kassel

The marauding Allied cavalry brigades are now sending strong patrols into their zone of control and effectively cutting the supply to three-fourths of the French Army in the center. A bold and successful maneuver by the Allied commander as advised by the sometimes brilliant Von Sabo. While it appears the Allied cavalry brigades may also be out of supply, the double envelopment will have more significant attrition effects on the French at the end of August.

Supply issues notwithstanding, so the massive French “Column Principale” proceeds in its attack on Hanover, supported by a flank attack from the South from Vogue’s Avant Garde. Expecting this attack, the Allies concentrated their 1stBrigade and Light Division to defend Hanover, and ordered the 3rdBrigade to march southward “um den Klang der Kanonen“. This could be the decisive batel of 1757.

So three battles are pending resolution in August:

North of Bremen near the village of Osterholz, Baudoin defends against the attacking Allied 4th Brigade

North of Kassel in the valley between Immenhausen and Grabenstein, the Allied 2nd Brigade meets Bercheny.

And the Battle Royale will take place at the gates of Hanover as d‘ Estree and Vogue ataack the Duke of Cumberland leading the three Brigades of the Allied Army of Observation.

We expect to fight these battels using Black Powder rules and our 40mm Minatures via Skype and/or in-person. Expect colourful battel repots in a few weeks time.



Spotted at the Duke’s Badminton Tourney near Bremerhaven in June - the sometimes brilliant strategist and advisor Hasso Von Sabo is seen where he typically can be found:  center left, with his prodigious proboscis in close proximity to the Duc of Cumberland's derrière!


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    1. Yes Schwer, Hasso is naturlich immer the proper gentleman. Regarding the B - Zeitung, consider your lifetime subscription done! As your tone is familiar, I sense we have met on past fields of battle - I just can't place the face. Either way an inquisitive soul such as yourself deserves the privilege of a good read with his pipe and Obstler!

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