Sunday, April 28, 2013

July 1757 Orders are in, the Campaign for Hanover enters a new phase

Hanoverian Jäger zu Fuss skirmish with a French avant garde at the approaches to Wunsdorf


The French drove ahead aggressively with a variety of small and large columns, attempting to gain towns, territory and threaten major cities.  The Army of Observation assumed a regional defensive posture with many flexible, reinforced brigades.  Some Allied elements were discovered, while others remain hidden in Hanoverian territory. A clash was avoided in Wunsdorf when the Allied Light Brigade successfully withdrew (successful D6) to Hanover with no significant engagement.  August 1757 will undoubtedly prove to be far more entertaining than July.




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  1. I shall enjoy following the campaign Joe! I see its warm enough for outdoor gaming now too?